At the end of the decade the Dolfinarium started setting up dependencies abroad.
21 The city had issued an emergency ban on 'Free Morgan' protests.
The animals in some areas perform in shows.
15 SOS Dolfijn edit SOS Dolfijn is an independent foundation based in the Dolfinarium dedicated to the saving of stranded porpoises, dolphins geschenk erraten and whales.
Joris, live shows with dolphins and other amazing animals from the sea.Dolfinarium gebruikt cookies om het gebruik van deze website te analyseren en om de gebruiksvriendelijkheid te verbeteren.The date of the transport had been kept secret as the city of Harderwijk feared confrontations between opposers of the transport and police.She was rescued and sent for recovery at the Dolfinarium.Dolphins at the Dolfijnendelta performing in a show.6 Dolfijnendelta: Formerly known as the lagoon, this is the living area for common bottlenose dolphins, most dolphins live in this area, including the newborns.Roggenrif: Rays, Sharks, European seabass, Thicklip grey mullet, other fish, crabs, lobsters, oysters, lugworms and sea anemone.Spetter was the first dolphin born by artificial insemination in the Dolfinarium.23 Television edit Dutch broadcaster Nickelodeon aired a show intended for children called Spetter!

The park is open each year from spring to autumn, with winter being reserved for maintenance.
The goal of the park according to Frits was to "make the Dutch population show respect for these most special and mythical sea mammals".
9, on 17 December 2014 the director of the Dolfinarium said that the ownership of the Dolfinarium would likely from Compagnie des Alpes.
Aspro Parks, with negotiations being in the final stages.
Je kunt de instellingen van je browser wijzigen en/of, indien nodig, meer informatie geschenk 6 monate zusammen verkrijgen in ons cookiebeleid.During the boreal winter of 20122013, further renovations, including refurbishment of the old dome, were made.The park is divided into several areas for different species or wider groups of animals.The area can also be observed from underwater (at the Onderwater Odiezee which provides a 60 meter long glass wall, with the dolphins often coming close due to their curious nature.8, in 1969 the characteristic dome was built, and in the year after opening the Dolfinarium welcomed one million visitors.5, in the seventies the Dolfinarium expanded its collection of animals and built gutscheine elektromarkt more enclosures.Johan Imi, niet omdat het moet maar omdat het kan.

After her recuperation opinions were split between those who wanted to return her to nature, and those who saw no chance of Morgan surviving in nature and thus wished her to go Loro Parque, Tenerife, Spain, where she could be better taken care.
At the insistence of the mayor of Harderwijk a new foundation was set up to continue the Dolfinarium and in 1984 the shares of the company were sold to a new owner.
20 Morgan was moved to Loro Parque on 29 November 2011.