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Migros Online expanded by growing in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir in line with customer demands.
Migros, which initiated the customer satisfaction surveys of Migros from a customers perspective for the first time in Turkey became accessible to its customers in 75 stores located in the 5 regions of Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean, Central Anatolia and Southeast Anatolia in the year.
While entering cities otto gutscheincode für bestandskunden 2015 such as Kastamonu, Nevsehir, Karabuk, Zonguldak and the Western Black Sea Region for the first time, Migros also continued to open new Ramstores in Russia and in Russias surrounding regions.
Transfer of the Migros Ticaret.S.Providing services with 34 stores in 2 large provinces by the end of 1989, Migros was embraced by consumers and was given the Honest Trader identity for its fair prices, quality and healthy products by the public.Migros introduced the Turkish consumers to what are now the standards of todays modern retail such as the first hygienic packaging, the first labels and shelf life application.By opening 128 stores in Turkey and abroad in several regions, Migros increased its number of stores to 450.Continued to pioneer the retail sector with the desire to reach its customers from all locations.Migros specializing in multi format management, and reaching to a speed of opening 3 stores in a week, in addition to creating.Shares to Moonlight Perakendecilik ve Ticaret.S.Wyznaczone miejsca dla osób o ograniczonej mobilnoci ruchowej w kadym wagonie.As all our facilities are unique, each location offers a varied range of wellness and fitness activities and exercise classes.Also presenting its first Private Label products under the Migros brand to consumers, Migros achieved another first by offering shopping by credit card.This speed of growth of Migros achieved locally and internationally, opening 3 stores per week, enabled Migros to be listed in 236th place, a first for Turkey, in the Global Forces of Retail Sale 2008 prepared every year by Deloitte.

As of the end of 2007 Migros expanded its service scope to 57 cities and also continued on to serve with 15 Ramstores in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Macedonia.
Migros, which analyzed the demands and expectations of the Turkish consumers while Turkey implemented an outward oriented economic policy, started its large store application at the end of 1990.
Migros, which had started its investment in Southeastern Turkey with Diyarbakir in 2002, added Kars and Erzincan to its Eastern investments in 2003 and continued to expand its service network.
Migros opened the biggest shopping center of Turkey in Ankara, and Turkish consumers were introduced to the self-service check out system for the first time in Turkey and Europe.
As a result, Migros became the only retail company that was eligible to take its place in the bists (Stock Market of Istanbul) Sustainability Index in Turkey.The Migros Shopping Center Beylikduzu and Ramstore Shopping Center Moscow were the first examples of this concept.Migross capability to stay close to its customers increased and, in order to expand without merging, Migros Ticaret.S.Przedziay dla podrónych z dziemi znajduje si w wagonie.In 1981 the main warehouse of Migros began operating with various additions and improvements.The MMM Migros Caddebostan, which was opened at the end of 1996 in Istanbul, became the first store in which the electronic shelf labels were used.With this annual subscription, you can enjoy a full variety of activities for your health and well being.In celebration of its Migross 50th year, Migros Switzerland presented the Koç Museum with the number 1 sales truck from 1930s.

By touching the minds and the hearts of its customers with its service approach and responding to the varying expectations of every region, Migros has achieved a customer base that portrays all of Turkey.